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The Archives are the official records of Haileybury College (1862-1942), Haileybury and Imperial Service College (1942-present), Imperial Service College and the United Services College and their members. Collections relating to the School and areas of special interest are preserved and developed for pupils, staff and researchers.


The Haileybury Collection covers the School from 1862 until today, has two principal elements:

Administration of the School

These records refer to the School as an educational institution and include the charters and statutes, Council minutes, admissions registers and financial papers.

Administration of the estate

The estate papers refer to the Haileybury estate and the manors of Goldings and Great Amwell.

To explore the scope of these collections, use the HIKS Catalogue.


The records of the United Services College (USC) are limited and the admissions registers are held in private collections. Governance records for the Imperial Service College and the Imperial Service Trust are preserved in the Archives.


The East India College collection

The East India College collection does not contain the official records of that educational institution. The records for the East India College are held at the British Library and can be consulted in the Asian & African Studies Reading Room. Haileybury’s collection was established in the nineteenth century with donations from East Indiamen, their families and the India Office. Today the collection contains a fascinating and diverse collection of material which supports the understanding of the history of the College, the East India Company and the lives of the East Indiamen.

The Thorne Collection

The Thorne collection provides an insight into the lives of a British family from the 1860s until the end of the twentieth century. Two generations of boys attended the School between 1905-1917 and 1938-1947.

The majority of the collection dates from 1900-1940 and covers the lives, education and careers of three brothers: Cornelius Thorne, Marlborough Thorne and Joseph Thorne.

Biographical Records and Personal Collections

The Biographical Records is a special collection and contains information on former pupils, teachers and other Haileybury employees. The collection contains diverse material on the families, education and careers of pupils from Haileybury, United Services College, Imperial Service College, the Junior School of the Imperial Service College and St Mark’s School, Windsor.

Lionel Milford, the first historian of the School, established the collection. He left papers and manuscript volumes on Haileyburians from the earliest days. Since that time the records have grown in size and today they provide a rich source of information for historians.

Over the years the School has been left personal papers of former pupils and teachers which form the Personal Collections. These individual collections consist of manuscripts, photographs, ephemera and artefacts.

Photographic collections

There are collections of photographs for Haileybury, United Services College, and Imperial Service College. Some of the photographs from these collections have been digitised and are available via the Digital Archive.

In addition to the institutional photographs, there are albums, photograph, slides and negatives that form special collections dating back to the 1850s. Collections include