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The RSAA was founded as the Central Asian Society in 1901 and the holdings of the Library reflect the interests of the founder members. Today, the Library has a large collection of books that covers Asia, from Turkey to the Philippines. The collection is shelved according to country and cover historical, political, economic, cultural and artistic subjects. In addition, there are sections on languages, travel guides, biographies and a complete set of the Society’s journal Asian Affairs.

The Hugh Leach Library is a separate collection from the RSAA library. Hugh Leach OBE, a respected soldier, diplomat, Arabist and historian of the RSAA and the collection reflects the interests of its creator with a particular emphasis on the Middle East.

The bulk of the RSAA Library came to Haileybury in 2016 and is housed at William Wilkin’s revolutionary building for the East India College. Members, academics, students and anyone with a serious interest are welcome to visit. Those wishing to visit the Library must make a request in advance to view the material.

The Royal Society for Asian Affairs and Haileybury have an established partnership based on the promotion of knowledge and education in the subject of, and with regard to, all countries of Asia.

For more information about the RSAA mission click here.