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Haileybury has a number of special collections of books, archives, manuscripts, and artefacts. Some of the collections are not yet fully catalogued and any enquires should be made using the ASK HIKS service.

The collections are primarily used to support the teaching and learning of the School. Coupled with the Archives, the special collections allow the pupils to explore diverse themes and ideas as well as introducing them to the importance of research. Academics, students and interested members of the public may request access to the collections on application to the Director of Learning and Research.


Chapple Kipling Collection

A Collection of works by Rudyard Kipling and printed ephemera formed by Field Marshal Sir John Chapple.

E.J Miller Collection

The collection of literary works and criticism bequeathed to the School by Edward Miller, a former assistant master and playwright. Writing under the nom de plume Travers Otway, Miller is best known for his play The Hidden Years (1947) which dealt with a schoolboy’s emerging sexuality. The Hidden Years was a pioneering piece of queer drama in post-war Britain. A collection of Miller’s play scripts and manuscripts are found in the Personal Papers Collection.

Hertfordshire Collection

A collection of historical, archaeological and topographical works on Hertfordshire.

East India Collection

The gift of books made to the library by the India Office in 1888, which were formerly in the East India College Library, was the origin of the collection. Since that generous donation, the collection has grown and includes works on India after 1857.

London History

Formed to support the research interests of the School’s Antiquarian Society this collection contains a wealth of nineteenth, and twentieth century printed books on the subject.


Antiquities Collection

A collection of mainly Greek, Roman and Egyptian antiquities including a skyphos by the Haileybury Painter.

Fine and Decorative Art Collection

A collection of paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints, stained glass, furniture and silver. This collection includes the King Edwards’ Horse regimental silver, items from and associated with the East India College and contemporary stained glass commissions. Many of the items in this collection are used in the teaching of the material culture and the history of patronage and collecting.

Photographic Collections

Photographs of the site date from the 1850s and the earliest images of school life start in the 1860s. Former pupils have donated other photographic collections to the School including the travel albums of Paget Toynbee.


Records on the School, its estate and connected schools.

Biographical Papers and Personal Collections

Two separate collections consisting of information on pupils and staff and their personal papers.

Textiles Collection

Items from the uniforms of Haileybury, Imperial Service College and United Services College. The collection also contains items associated with the Haileybury Society and its predecessors.