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The eLibrary is a collection of digital resources designed to be accessed by members of the Haileybury community from anywhere in the world, using static or mobile technology. Designed to provide immediate easy access, it offers users a large collection of subscription and curated open resources.

The subscribed resources are selected to meet the needs of the users, academic departments and courses. Reviews of subscribed services are undertaken each year and users are encouraged to give regular feedback about the relevance and suitability of the resources.


The Resource Finder, found on the entry page of eLibrary, is designed to support users looking for subject, exam type or age appropriate resources. In addition, it is possible to search the eLibrary using the subject or title search. A directory of the journals included in the JSTOR subscription and a complete list of the resources in the eLibrary are also available. Any enquires about the material held in the eLibrary should be sent to ASK HIKS.


Creating your favourites

By clicking on the star icon in the top left hand corner of each resource button it is possible to select the digital material as a favourite. Once the electronic resource has been selected it will be added to the entry page of the eLibrary. Any user requiring help should send their request to ASK HIKS.

The eLibrary is divided into three resources:

Subscription sites

Subscribed sites include Britannica School, JSTOR, the Loeb Classical Library, Drama Theatre+, the Connell Guides and Science Reference Center. At present there are over 70 subscription sites offered. The digital material consists of web-based resources, journals/magazine and books.

Some of the eLibrary resources are integrated into the HIKS catalogue but this is not possible with all of the sites.

Open resources

The open resources are a constantly developing collection of curated websites. Materials are identified by HIKS staff and on the recommendations of teachers and pupils. Suggestions for sites to be included in the collection should be sent to ASK HIKS.

Media and podcasts

This area is designed to provide access to high quality information. The media and podcast collection is constantly developing and suitable recordings identified by HIKS staff and on the recommendations of teachers and pupils. Send any suggestions for sites to be included in the collection using the ASK HIKS button.

If users are over the age of 13 we recommend that, they register with the BBC so that they can have access to the BBC Sounds archive. Pupils under 13 can register with parent or guardian’s address here.